Mackenzie Madison is a mid-western artist from Roseville, Minnesota. She studied at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, there she received a  Bachelor of Fine Arts with a 2-Dimensional Emphasis and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. She is a third-generation artist, following the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. Her familial background in art has propelled her in her pursuits to become an artist. Her work focuses on the act of mindfulness from both cynical and optimistic points of view. She has exhibited in several important galleries in the Midwest such as Women Made Gallery (2018, 2019) in Chicago, Illinois, Riverfront Arts Center (2018) in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and ABC Gallery (2014, 2015) in St. Paul, Minnesota.



      Mackenzie Madison's work reflects on harmful anthropogenic acts on the environment. Through painting and plastique-mâché, she investigates this relationship by combining industrial and modern-day materials with figural imagery. This enquiry is pertinent in contemporary dialogues given the state of environmental and climate-related concerns. Within this discussion, feelings of powerlessness coincide with an awareness to the monumental actions that must occur to affect positive environmental change. Her goal is to reflect on these emotions while inspiring viewers to think critically about how their actions affect the environment.


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